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i hope you see my face in every passing car and hear my voice in your favorite songs and you realize i was the one all along
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100% goals

+24° 24’ 46.97”, +54° 28’ 32.34”
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Part Indian/Australian model Kelly Gale from sweden
Anonymous asked:
Somalis do you dabble with them?

i don’t have any somali friends but i would be friends with someone from Somalia. i’ll be friends with any race, the fuck.

Anonymous asked:
ever had a serious boyfriend?

no, i don’t dabble with boys like that

Anonymous asked:
Basically you're giving me that life; that attitude I can laugh with. Those pictures were the windows are tinted but you sure are sitting pretty in it. A cool guy kinda persona. I like It.

i’m kinda getting the visuals but i’m squinting. but thank you for the kind words.

Anonymous asked:
Longest you've been without sex?

months, but i never really keep track of the date when i have sex. i bust my nut and live life. i don’t nut and then take note of the date.